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Dreamhost Hosting Reviews – How are you going to like it?


So as we explained in a previous article, where we host our private blog network/websites, that we use Dreamhost to host our websites. So we thought going to review it for you guys, so you have an idea.


Days Money Back Guarantee


Gigabytes Storage


Free Domain Upon Registration

Dreamhost was established back in 1997, and it is a well-known hosting company. They boast to have 1,500 servers in 4 different data centers in California and Virginia.

What do they offer?

  • unlimited bandwith and 1 Terabyte of storage space
  • unlimited domains can be hosted
  • user friendly control panel
  • One click installation; offers 20+ content management systems on auto install with one click.
  • 97 day money back guarantee, one of the longest guarantee in the hosting industry. You have more than 3 months to decide, if it was the right investment
  • 1 free domain upon registration

Up time

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • For every hour your site is down, you got 1 day free hosting
  • Over the 4 years, we had no problems with the up time of our website

Customer service

  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24-hour turn around time for all emails.
  • Dreamhost wiki
  • Support forums

Our experience

  • Customer service: we had few issues with two of our websites, which we could not figure out. They have offered a solution for all of our problems in 48 hours time. They responded for our emails in less than an hour, which was very pleasant experience.
  • Unlimited domains: you can host as many domains as you like with Dreamhost. Also if you wait 2 days for adding new domain to the system, your new domains is going to be in a unique IP address, which is great for seo purposes.
  • Reseller accounts: they allow you to setup reseller accounts so you can resell their hosting to your clients or friends. This way you can setup so you do not have to pay for your hosting company.
  • One click installation: If you are non technical and you want a website setup you can do it in 30 seconds with one click. Fast way of setting up wordpress or drupal blogs.
  • Control panel: if you manage multiple domains, it is very easy to add and modify domains, without you having to leave your account as at other hosting companies.

As you probably guessed it we are completely satisfied with Dreamhost, because it satisfied our criteria for easy managemenet of control panel, lots of unique IP addresses, unlimited domains and cost effective pricing. We use shared hosting for $8.95/month for over 4 years.

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Daniel Friedman

I used Dreamhost because it was recommended as WordPress hosting by WordPress.org, and I have to say it has worked very well. It has unlimited storage, bandwidth etc. on the basic plan and 100% uptime guaranteed, but you should note that that means they will pay you for any downtime, not that there will be no downtime at all. Despite that, I have never noticed any downtime above a few minutes and I would say uptime is a good feature of Dreamhost.

Viesturs Kozuskevics

As a newbie and the human who thinks differently from most of the people, this is exactly what I want. I no good in English so I even do not care about phone support I prefer chat support function. I like the way they think, they remain human not like others who only tend to take our money out of our pockets. Different thinking is exactly I was looking for.

Naeem Rahman

simply amazing … this is by far the easiest and most convenient way of running your own web identity … trying for around a year in getting my small business online and finally i have found a turnkey solution at the most affordable rates… 10/10 for you guys

Henry Bergess

I found that DreamHost was really effective and quick in the setup of my domain. I had previously had experiences with other companies that did not service my requests well, and I wish I had known about DreamHost. When my site suffered unknown downtime, I contacted them and they were quick and effective in getting my site back up. I would definitely recommend DreamHost to my friends.

Trish Pham

I’ve been hearing lots of good reviews about this host so I decided to try it out since they were having a sale. When I successfully ordered I asked tech support to help me move my site from my old host to dreamhost they were very helpful cause they did almost everything for me. They are very up to date with the latest web technologies. They even have the latest cpanel which is good cause you don’t want old bug/glitches to cause problems to your site. In the end I recommend everyone to try this host out cause they will help you out.


I was setting up a simple mail-server to send emails to my users. Just a little bit of PhP, nothing too tricky. However, all emails originating from my Dreamhost VPS server were getting filed as spam by Gmail.

Charles Ambrye

I switched to dreamhost just over a year ago so that I could take advantage of a few features they support. In particular, I liked the idea of having each of my websites stored as a separate user on the shared server. This meant that my websites couldn’t interfere with each other. However, I have *constantly* been plagued with uptime and site speed issues. Multiple e-mails to dreamhost support resulted in form letters and statements that my websites were ‘fine’. However, I don’t accept 10 second page load times as being ‘fine’.

Kristian Gustavson

We migrated our website to DreamHost a few years ago. Generally, we have had little reason to complain until the past year when a few tech issues required us to reach out to DreamHost. We found their technical support staff to be largely absent, and one staff members to be dismissive and un-friendly.

David Simms

Have never used DreamHost before, and probably never will. They say it takes up to 24hr to answer support tickets…seriously? Is this another kiddie host ran by uneducated kids? If you have money sites that are making money, are you seriously going to wait 24hours for a response?

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